Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Role Of Nutrition In Beating Cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease and a person suffering from this trouble will have to face a lot of pain and stress. Even though there are advanced medical facilities in the recent days, some cancer cases end up fatal, especially the ones that were not identified and treated at the initial stages itself. It is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle that includes exercises and good diet so that beating cancer with nutrition will be possible. A very important part is played by the vegetables and fruits in beating cancer. Usually, the free radicals are said to be very harmful as they have the ability to damage the genetic material in the body which in turn will trigger cancer. This free radical will be controlled by the antioxidants that are present in the fruits and veggies. So it is advisable to take a lot of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, especially the food stuff that contains the antioxidant-rich ingredients. Some of the food items that will be very useful for this work are listed below. First, fruits such as orange and lemon are very rich in vitamin C that is known to reduce the risks of cancer in a very efficient manner. Next is carrot along with the many other vegetables or fruits that have orange, red, yellow color as this will have a considerable amount of carotenoids. Whole grains, fish, and Brazil nuts are also said to be a very good choice if a person is trying to beat cancer through food. Even the ingredients like oats, rice, barley, cauliflower, sprouts, wheat, kale, turnip, broccoli and so on are known to be very handy in order to prevent cancer occurrence. A very important food item that cannot be ignored here is the soya beans as this has high isoflavones. Never forget garlic and onion.

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